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Strabismus, whether it is new-onset or a reappearance of childhood strabismus, can usually be successfully treated in adults. Surgical and. Adults with Strabismus Service at Boston Children's Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Adults can benefit from some of the same treatment options that are available to children for treating strabismus. Treatment options may include.
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When eyes cross, wander to one side or are higher or lower than their mate, the condition is known as strabismus. This misalignment causes double vision.
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Treatment of Strabismus Medical Treatment. Medical treatment options for strabismus in adults include spectacle correction, monocular occlusion, orthoptic​.
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Strabismus or squint is a condition in which the two eyes are not pointing in the same direction. Adjustable squint surgery is performed at Southern.
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Strabismus surgery also can effectively align the eyes of adults with long-​standing strabismus. In many cases of adult strabismus, however, a significant degree.

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