Webbed toes: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis - Separating webbed toes for adults

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The treatment to correct webbed toes usually involves surgery to It occurs when the toes or fingers do not separate correctly during fetal. Webbed toes is the common name for syndactyly affecting the feet. It is characterised by the Webbed toes can be separated through surgery. Surgical separation of webbed toes is an example of body modification. As with any form of surgery.

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By Mojas - 00:33
Webbed finger or toe repair refers to corrective or reconstructive surgery separation or union of two or more fingers or toes, and usually only involves a skin .. like teenagers and adults are not happy with their appearance with webbed toes.
By Bam - 21:16
Although, having webbed toes can be a cause of embarrassment. Surgical removal is the option for separating webbed toes. A podiatrist can.
By Gajind - 04:05
Syndactyly is the presence of webbed fingers or toes. It's a condition that occurs when the skin of two or more fingers or toes is fused together.
By Zolozragore - 23:47
The medical term for two or more fingers or toes that are fused together or “​webbed” is syndactyly (sin-dak-tuh-lee). If your child has it, it was present at birth.
By Mikakus - 11:11
Some parents are concerned about their child's webbed toes. Here like tiny Ping-Pong paddles, but around the sixth week, the baby's digits begin to separate.

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