A Snapshot of Our Mysterious Ancestor Homo erectus | Ancient Origins - Asian homo erectus facial reconstruction

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Image of reconstruction based on ER by John Gurche. Homo erectus. Where Lived: Northern, Eastern, and Southern Africa; Western Asia (Dmanisi, Early African Homo erectus fossils (sometimes called Homo ergaster) are the oldest fossil humans, note the expanded braincase relative to the size of the face. Forensic reconstruction of an adult female Homo erectus. Forensic reconstruction of an adult male Homo erectus. Homo erectus (meaning 'upright man') is a species of archaic humans that lived throughout of H. erectus; the labels "​Homo erectus sensu stricto" (strict sense) for the Asian species and "Homo erectus sensu.

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By Vutilar - 22:52
By far the longest-surviving human species, Homo erectus was the first hominin to evolve a truly Reconstruction of Turkana Boy, the approximately proportions and upright stance, a protruding brow ridge, large face and no chin Fossil evidence for H. erectus in western Asia comes from exciting finds.
By Malaran - 17:19
A hyper realistic reconstruction of an Australopithecus africanus . anger or wonder or love might have looked like on the face of Homo erectus.
By Kemi - 16:42
The information on this page refers specifically to Asian Homo erectus. The original 'Peking Man' skull was reconstructed using a mixture of male and female face was large with a low, sloping forehead, a massive brow ridge and a broad,​.
By Faucage - 00:55
Homo erectus pekinensis, forensic facial reconstruction. 13 February, This evidence pushes back their presence in Asia back by at least , years.
By Micage - 03:02
Ancient Hominids Face Reconstruction are the anthropological products of years of excavation in Africa, Asia, and Europe. . “Turkana Boy” - Homo ergaster - Facial Reconstruction Homo sapiens - Facial Reconstruction.

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