How Does Phalloplasty Work?

surgeon doing Phalloplasty

Many people in the world have phalloplasty scars. These scars are often located on the head of the penis or the shaft itself. If you have phalloplasty surgery performed, you should be aware of all of your options and what the surgery can do for you. The cost of phalloplasty varies widely depending on the surgeon and where you have the phalloplasty performed. In this article you will learn what phalloplasty cost can mean to you and how it can affect the rest of your life.

Phalloplasty procedure meaning

Phalloplasty, which means “to bend or twist the head of a needle” is the medical name given to a cosmetic penis procedure in which the whole or part of the testicle or scrotum is removed. In order to perform phalloplasty a surgeon must make a cut into the pubic area and insert the long handled end of a scissors or clippers into the hole. Once these tools are in place, the surgery is ready to begin. During the testicular implants procedure the surgeon will make several incisions in the testicles and scrotoplasty will then take place. In order to give the patient the best phalloplasty results, it’s important that all of these steps are done correctly.

There are many types of this particular procedure

There are several risks associated with phalloplasty, the most common being that the testicles and scrotoplasty areas may separate from each other. This can result in asymmetry where one side of the body appears longer than the other. Another risk is that the patient may suffer from excessive bleeding at the surgical site. A high level of sensitivity is required for phalloplasty, making it a delicate operation that can sometimes cause excessive bleeding or the loss of blood before or after the procedure. These surgical complications can often be avoided with proper surgical planning, and if the patient has a history of hypertension, diabetes or any other medical conditions it’s always best to discuss these possibilities before the surgery.

Which phalloplasty option to go with?

The best phalloplasty candidates are those patients who are comfortable with their physical appearance and have a good understanding of what they want to achieve after the surgery. Since there is little difference between male and female candidates, any patient who is both comfortable with his or her appearance and has realistic expectations about the outcome should be considered. Since many phalloplasty surgeries are performed on young teenage boys and girls, it’s always important to discuss this possibility with a family physician or pediatrician. Many doctors recommend that if a person is not sure about having phalloplasty that they wait at least two years before having the surgery in order to allow the body to heal and fully acclimate to the surgery. For teens and children, this may not be a necessity but it is important for the parent’s peace of mind and to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Stages of phalloplasty

Once a person has been accepted into a phalloplasty program, he or she will undergo several preoperative procedures in order to prepare for surgery. First, the surgeon will make a small incision behind the pubic area, where the penis or scrotum would be. Second is body detoxication during which you are prohibited to use male volume pills and penis pumps. During this time the skin will be pulled back and the underlying tissue will be separated from the muscles and tissues of the body. The phalloplasty surgeon will then make an incision behind the navel, through which he or she will lift the testicles or scrotum. The resulting flaps will then be stitched into place.

In the phalloplasty stage 2, the tissues around the penis and scrotum will be opened up and the skin will be sutured closed. Next, the opening of the skin and the muscle groups that surround the testicles or scrotum will be reshaped. The resulting flaps will be stitched together, and an additional skinfold will be applied. This will create a tighter and firmer feeling around the base of the genitals. Finally, the clitoris will be enhanced through the addition of skin and ligaments in the appropriate areas.