How to Make a Homemade Penis Pump – The Simple Steps to Follow

homemade penis pump

You don’t have to know how to make a homemade penis pump for yourself. All you have to know is that it can be very difficult to create a homemade penis extender pump at home. However, the good news here is that there are so many good videos available online that can help you get started on making your own at home.

Before telling you how to make a homemade penis pump, you really do have to take into consideration some things when it comes to making your own penis extender pump at home. First thing first -ask yourself is penis pump thing you really need or could solve your issue with some male volume pills. One important thing is that you should remember to use sterile materials. In fact, these two very important pieces of information that I’m going to share with you in this article were sent to me by my penis extender pump internet supplier. If you fail to pay attention to this very important information, you could possibly end up using bacteria or other harmful materials in your homemade penis pump, which would be extremely dangerous.

The first steps of making homemade penis pump

The first important step when making your homemade penis pump is to learn how to apply adequate pressure to the penis extender pump. This particular step is actually quite simple. You should hold the pump handle with one hand and slowly apply pressure to the pump with the other hand. Once you have created a sufficient amount of pressure, the pump will start to move upward until you are able to manually lift the penis pump handle. It would be very wise to wear rubber gloves when trying this particular exercise. I did not use any when I tested it, but you would probably want to wear gloves if you want to ensure proper results.

The next step involves inserting your hand into the cylinder. You should make sure that you insert your entire hand, as if you were inserting a single hand into a cookie jar, and not just your thumb. Next, make an “O” shape with your fingers by pressing the handle all the way down into the cylinder. Then, make another “O” shape and push the shaft of the penis up and out while pressing down gently. Make sure you don’t go too far, or else you could burn yourself.

The last, but certainly not least important step in learning how to make a penis pump is to get started on the actual process of putting it together. You will need some sort of strap, such as a harness that is tight enough to tighten around your body and keep the device securely in place. There are also some straps available for those who prefer a bit more flexibility. Some straps can even be adjusted, so you’ll have an even better chance of getting the best results!

Congratulations! Use your new sex toy carefully!

After you’ve successfully put the device together and secured it with the appropriate strap, you will then need to line the base of the cylinder up with the opening of the hose. If you have a bottle or jar in your home, simply fill it up with cold water and line the base with the homemade penis pump formula (you can add a few drops of olive oil if you want a richer flavor). Once the tubing is lined up with the hose, then you’re ready to begin sucking on the bottle or jar using the supplied rubber suction cup. To add some more oomph, make sure you add a few drops of olive oil to the bottle before you begin sucking! And if you have lack of inspiration make sure to watch some best porn discounts to skyrocket your erection!