C.S. Lewis on Pornography and Masturbation - Conquering masturbation

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As a result, you might fall into a habit of masturbation.* Many would say that forth effort to improve. So what practical steps can you take to conquer your habit​? I can't seem to resist the temptation to masturbate, but then I feel so guilty. The Bible never directly addresses masturbation, and Christian leaders differ widely.

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By Tygokora - 19:20
Well this is kind of awkward. Anytime you hear the word "masturbation" in a sermon, a small group, or just in the presence of another human.
By Zulujin - 13:16
It has always been interesting to me that many young men and women struggle with masturbation, but seldom will you find people talk or write.
By Meztijin - 15:47
A while ago, I wrote two articles on Masturbation, self-pleasuring, sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure.
By Grozshura - 05:25
NOTE: This article is quoted as a reference in a much longer and more detailed discussion Masturbation and the Bible. Please see the full article for much more.
By Jurg - 07:34
CONQUERING MASTURBATION/SEXUALLY ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS. Masturbation, the use of pornography, and sexually acting out, are in some respects as.

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